Top Tea Brands Made in USA [2023]: Explore the Finest American-Made Tea

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Discover the Best Tea Brands Grown and Produced in the USA

Tea lovers are often curious about the origins of their favorite brews. The search for locally-made products has become increasingly important in recent years, as consumers look to support local businesses and reduce their carbon footprint. If you're wondering what tea brands are made in the USA, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll explore some of the top tea brands that are proudly produced right here in America. So, grab a cup of tea and let's dive in!

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Art of Tea [^1^]

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Art of Tea is an exceptional tea brand renowned for its premium quality teas and commitment to sustainability. Based in Los Angeles, California, Art of Tea sources its ingredients from organic and fair-trade certified gardens, ensuring that every cup is an ethically conscious choice. With a wide range of flavors and blends, Art of Tea offers something for everyone's taste preferences. Their teas are handcrafted in small batches to preserve the quality and freshness. From classic favorites to unique infusions, Art of Tea crafts teas that are truly an art form.

Notable Teas from Art of Tea:

  • White Coconut Creme: A delicious blend of white tea, coconut, and vanilla, creating a creamy and aromatic cup of tea.
  • Earl Grey Creme: A twist on the classic Earl Grey, this tea combines black tea, bergamot, and vanilla for a smooth and comforting brew.
  • Matcha Genmaicha: A Japanese-inspired blend of matcha and roasted brown rice, offering a rich and nutty flavor profile.

Numi Organic Tea [^2^]

Numi Organic Tea is a leading brand that specializes in organic and Fair Trade Certified teas. Based in Oakland, California, Numi is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. They offer a wide selection of teas, including loose leaf, teabags, and flowering teas. Numi's teas are sourced from around the world and blended in the USA, ensuring exceptional quality and flavor in every cup. With a focus on organic farming practices and community development, Numi creates teas that are good for both the taste buds and the planet.

Notable Teas from Numi Organic Tea:

  • Jasmine Green: A fragrant blend of green tea and jasmine blossoms, creating a soothing and floral cup of tea.
  • Turmeric Amber Sun: A vibrant blend of turmeric, ginger, and rooibos, offering a warming and earthy brew.
  • Aged Earl Grey: A unique twist on the classic Earl Grey, this tea is aged with real bergamot oranges, giving it a deep and robust flavor.

Smith Teamaker [^3^]

Smith Teamaker, based in Portland, Oregon, is known for its artisanal approach to tea making. With a vision to create the best tasting teas, Smith Teamaker carefully selects its ingredients from world-class gardens and expertly blends them for a delightful experience. Each tea is handcrafted in small batches, ensuring exceptional quality and flavor. From classic blends to unique infusions, Smith Teamaker offers a diverse range of teas that cater to every palate.

Notable Teas from Smith Teamaker:

  • Lord Bergamot: A premium Earl Grey blend that showcases the natural citrus flavors of bergamot.
  • Fez: A Moroccan-inspired blend of green tea, peppermint, and spices, creating a refreshing and exotic cup of tea.
  • Meadow: A floral blend of chamomile, rose petals, and lavender, providing a calming and aromatic experience.

The Republic of Tea [^4^]

As one of the premier tea brands in the industry, The Republic of Tea is dedicated to the art of tea blending. Based in Novato, California, this brand offers an extensive selection of premium teas and herbal infusions. The Republic of Tea prides itself on sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world and upholding strict quality standards. With a commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and innovation, The Republic of Tea continues to be a beloved choice for tea enthusiasts across the country.

Notable Teas from The Republic of Tea:

  • British Breakfast: A robust blend of black teas from Assam, Sri Lanka, and China, creating a full-bodied and invigorating cup of tea.
  • Chamomile Lemon: A soothing blend of chamomile and lemon myrtle, offering a calming and citrusy brew.
  • Get Clean: A herbal infusion of rooibos, milk thistle, and dandelion root, designed to support detoxification and overall wellness.

Mighty Leaf Tea [^5^]

Blackened tea leaves

Mighty Leaf Tea is a brand known for its dedication to handcrafted specialty teas. Based in San Rafael, California, Mighty Leaf meticulously selects the finest ingredients and blends them to create unique and flavorful teas. Their teas come in biodegradable tea pouches, allowing for convenient steeping and ensuring maximum flavor extraction. Mighty Leaf offers a wide range of teas, including black, green, herbal, and wellness blends, providing options for every taste and wellness goal.

Notable Teas from Mighty Leaf Tea:

  • Orange Dulce: A blend of black tea, orange zest, and vanilla, creating a sweet and citrusy cup of tea.
  • Green Tea Tropical: A delightful blend of green tea, tropical fruits, and flowers, offering a refreshing and fruity brew.
  • Chamomile Citrus: A calming blend of chamomile, lemongrass, and citrus, providing a soothing and aromatic experience.

Tea Grown in the USA

While the United States is not traditionally known for its tea production, there are a few tea farms and gardens scattered across the country. These farms have embraced the challenge of growing tea in non-traditional tea-growing regions. One notable example is the Charleston Tea Plantation [^6^], located in South Carolina. This unique tea farm cultivates the Camellia sinensis plant to produce handcrafted American-grown tea. If you're looking for a truly homegrown tea experience, exploring teas from these local farms can be a fascinating and rewarding journey.

American Tea: A Rich Heritage

Tea has a long and rich history in the United States, dating back to the colonial era. While tea is not native to America, its consumption gained popularity during the 18th century. After the Boston Tea Party in 1773, which sparked the American Revolution, tea drinking became a symbol of defiance against British rule. As time went on, tea culture in the United States evolved, with regional preferences and adaptations. Today, American tea drinkers can enjoy a diverse range of teas, from classic blends to unique local creations.


Are there any teas grown in the USA?

Yes, there are a few tea farms and gardens in the United States. One notable tea farm is the Charleston Tea Plantation, located in South Carolina. They produce American-grown tea using the Camellia sinensis plant, offering a unique homegrown tea experience. While tea production in the USA is not as widespread as in other countries, these local farms are pioneering efforts to cultivate tea in non-traditional tea-growing regions.

What is the number one tea brand in the US?

It is difficult to determine an absolute number one tea brand in the US as preferences vary among consumers. However, some of the top tea brands that consistently receive high praise and recognition include:

  • Art of Tea
  • Numi Organic Tea
  • Smith Teamaker
  • The Republic of Tea
  • Mighty Leaf Tea

Each of these brands offers a wide range of high-quality teas with unique flavor profiles, making them popular choices among tea enthusiasts.

What is the largest tea producer in the US?

The largest tea producer in the US is Lipton, a brand widely recognized for its extensive range of tea products. Lipton offers a variety of tea blends, including black, green, and herbal teas. While Lipton is known for its global presence, it is important to note that the tea leaves used in Lipton teas are typically sourced from various regions around the world.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • When exploring tea brands made in the USA, look for those that prioritize organic and fair-trade certifications for ethically sourced teas.
  • Consider trying teas from local tea farms and gardens for a unique American tea experience.
  • Experiment with different tea blends and flavors to discover your personal favorites.
  • Don't forget to properly store your teas to maintain their freshness and flavor. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from strong odors.
  • Explore the diverse range of tea accessories, such as teapots, infusers, and tea cups, to enhance your tea drinking experience.


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